Tiger cubs play trick or treat

Three spirited tiger cubs are amongst the animals that have been sinking their teeth into Halloween festivities, ahead of Boo at the Zoo, ZSL Whipsnade Zoo’s annual celebration of hairy-scary family fun.

Keepers at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo carved huge pumpkins for each of the Zoo’s one-year-old endangered Amur tiger cubs, Dmitri, Makari and Czar, and brushed them with intriguing scents including blood and catnip. The inquisitive young tigers used all their senses to investigate and play with their creepy prizes.

The Zoo’s spirited group of squirrel monkeys also got in on the action, including a three-year-old male named Pumpkin. Keepers prepared a series of small pumpkins, filled with raisins and other tasty snacks, which hung from ropes in their enclosure, forming a very spooky assault course. 

As for the Zoo’s endangered rockhopper penguins, they were treated to the little-known delicacy of fish-stuffed pumpkins, a dish sure to make them squawk with devilish delight.

A squirrel monkey enjoys pumpkin treats

Team Leader Graeme Williamson said: “Our curious young tigers love to investigate and play with new things, so they were thrilled with their terrifying treats. Dmitri, Makari and Czar are brilliant at sniffing out and pouncing on food, so it didn’t take them long to track down their putrid pumpkins and devour them.

“The tiger cubs and penguins are family favourites at Boo at the Zoo, and children can transform into their favourite Halloween creatures with the help of the Zoo’s fearsome face-painters, before enjoying a spooky boogie at the Pumpkin Party.” 

Rockhoppers at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo enjoy their fish hidden inside pumpkins

Boo at the Zoo runs from Saturday 19 October to Thursday 31 October 2019 at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo and is free with normal entry charges. 

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