'Otter joy' at Christmas baubles

A pair of otters have dived into the festive spirit by playing with a bag of baubles at Whipsnade Zoo. 

Zookeepers at the UK’s largest Zoo wanted to make the holiday season otter-ly special for playful otters, Carol and Ernie, so spruced up their habitat with Christmas decorations, including a bag of brightly coloured baubles, alongside a giant, festive gingerbread man.  
Hidden inside the hanging bag of baubles were the pair’s favourite snacks, such as fish and mealworms, which the spirited otters sniffed and dug out using their dexterous paws and sharp claws. 
Team leader, Sarah Mcgregor, said: “Carol and Ernie are such a jolly pair, it seemed only right to treat them to some of the season’s traditions, like baubles and decorations.  
“Every day we make sure our otters exercise their natural skills, like hunting, climbing and diving, so the bauble bag was a brilliant way to ignite their curiosity and get them scavenging around for their advent treats! 
“We’re hoping Carol and Ernie will get lots of visits from adventurous families wanting to escape the shopping malls and spend time together in the great outdoors this Christmas.” 
Families can visit Carol and Ernie, alongside some of the Zoo’s bigger beasts, such as elephants, rhinos and tigers, throughout December, on a wonderful winter’s day out at Whipsnade Zoo. 

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