Passage through Asia

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Passage through Asia is a large rolling paddock with no barriers between you and the animals, housing domestic camels, yak, and Pere David's deer amongst others.

Visitors can either drive-through this exhibit when entering by car or just take the Great Whipsnade Railway!

Swamp Deer and axis deer fawns in the Passage through Asia enclosure at ZSL Whipsnade.

Passage through Asia's acres of open space give Whipsnade's animals lots of space to roam. As well as loads of grass to graze on, you can see our Pere David's deer and axis deer wading in to the large natural lake!

Père David’s deer


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Entering the Zoo by car

To participate in our exclusive drive-through region of the Zoo, you can bring your car in when you arrive. Charges apply.

Three deer fawns sat on grass

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steam train whipsnade zooFrom 1 November 2022 - February 2023, the Great Whipsnade Railway will close for winter and reopen again during February half term. 

Take a ride on one of our two impressive steam engines, Excelsior and Superior, as they weave their way through the territories of some of the world's most inspiring animals.

Elephants, rhinos, camels and deer are just some of the mammals you can expect to see on your journey on The Great Whipsnade Railway. We will take you on a safari adventure you will never forget.

Asked why people love the trains so much, driver and engineer Kevin Edwins said: “It’s the sheer magic of a steam-hauled railway. People love to hear the whistle and see the smoke - very few zoos have them.”

  • The Station Store will open at 11:30am each day where tokens can be purchased. 




Adult (Inc. Seniors.) £4.50
Essential Carer FREE
Child (Under 3) FREE
Child (Aged 3-15) £2.00
Child School Group  Free
Adult School Group £4.50
Adult (Inc. Seniors) Gold Member / Fellow £4.00
Child Gold Member £1.50


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