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Hullabazoo Farm is an interactive, up-close adventure, where little ones are able to meet and greet a whole host of farmyard friends.

Some of the many animals you can meet on the farm include, miniature donkeys, Trevor and Tulip, a family of pygmy goats, Gloucester old spot pigs and piglets, sheep and lambs, bunnies,  guinea pigs, ferrets and cute newly-hatched chicks.


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Pygmy Goat at Hullabazoo farm


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Miniature donkeys Trevor and Tulip at the Hullabazoo Farm at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.

They may be small in size but they have massive personalities!

The hullabazoo farm is filled with many big characters. From feisty mini donkeys to playful white goats, the new farm allows visitors to get even closer to these big personalities. Here are just a few of our characters to look for on your next visit: 

Miniture donkey icons for Trevor and Tulip

Trevor and Tulip


Trevor and Tulip came to the zoo in October 2013 and have been causing trouble ever since. These pint-size miniature donkeys, which stand at less than 3 foot tall, seem unaware of their tiny stature. Keepers at the zoo say the twosome rule their paddock, even bossing the giant Poitou donkeys around. But don't worry, these little guys still can't resist having some cuddles with visitors - especially if carrots are involved.

Marge the pig icon






Marge is a Gloucester old spot pig who likes the simple things in life – wallowing, sleeping and eating. Marge is due to give birth soon and all the farm can’t wait to meet her little piglets. All the animals agree that Marge is going to make a great Mum who will teach her babies how to wallow like a true pig. 

Gobbles the turkey from ZSL Whipsnade Farm






Gobbles is part of the infamous Lavender Hill mob that live at the farm. Together with his two turkey buddies, Gobbles and the gang roam the farm. But don’t worry; they’re not looking for trouble just some tasty treats.





























































Pygmy Goat at Hullabazoo farm

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