White's tree frog

Scientific name 
Litoria caerulea
White's tree frog

What they look like: Large, plump and green in colour, the White's tree frog can grow up to 11.5cm in length. This species also features a distinctive fatty ridge above their eyes. Their limbs are short and strong, with large adhesive discs at the end of the digits providing grip for climbing.

Animal facts:

  • Their skin exudes a waxy coating that helps prevent evaporation.
  • Tadpoles take around six weeks to develop before they metamorphose and become juvenile frogs.

What they eat: Insects such as moths, cockroaches and locusts. They have also been known to eat spiders, small frogs and mammals.

Habitat: Dry forest, woodland and grassland.

Where they live: This species is native to northern and eastern regions of Australia, as well as the lowlands of New Guinea.

Threats: Pollution and habitat loss.

Conservation Status
Least Concern