Live from ZSL London Zoo

29 Apr - 1 Jun 2020

Check out Zoo life behind closed doors with London Zoo’s new live streaming.

The last time London Zoo closed for a period of time was very briefly during WWII, before reopening to boost the City’s morale. We can’t do that right now – but we still want to bring the #ZooToYou.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been doing our best to keep our doors open virtually, reporting on what’s new with our animals and Zoo life during lockdown. But we felt that wasn’t quite enough; we want you to be able to feel as close to London Zoo and our animals as possible - so we’re adding live streaming to our Facebook channels.

Visit our animals, and their hardworking keepers, in real time. Gain an unedited snapshot of what goes on day to day – the cleaning, the caring, the surprises and the affection. And enjoy our animals in all their unpredictable, quirky ways as we check in with the teams still here, on site, looking after their animals.

We may not be able to open right now, but we still want to be here for London, and animal lovers everywhere.

Watch out for our streaming events and follow us on Facebook to join us live at London Zoo

Take care and we’ll see you soon.

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