Map of ZSL London Zoo

We’ve introduced three one-way routes around London Zoo.

Visitors will choose one of three routes depending on how much time they wish to spend in the zoo: 

  • Pink is for visitors wanting to see as much as possible. This route includes: giraffes, zebras, African hunting dogs, warthogs, okapi, pygmy hippos, lemurs, otters, and meerkats. You will then be able to take one or both of the other two routes too – see below for details.
  • Blue is the shortest route – perfect for ZSL Members looking for a quick zoo fix – and includes some amazing species including western lowland gorillas, tiger, white colobus monkeys, white-naped mangabeys, camels, various birds and red river hogs.
  • Orange starts at the end of the Blue Route and can be added on to explore more of the zoo; This route includes: lions, penguins, llamas, langur monkeys, flamingos, donkeys, goats, porcupines, coatis, mongoose, vultures, pelicans, and macaws.


All three routes finish in the Zoo's central courtyard so you can take them in any order and as many times as you wish, as long as you remain in the Zoo. Tickets are for a single entry to the Zoo only.

London zoo map


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Bhanu the Asiatic lion at ZSL London Zoo

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