Tiger (Sumatran)

Asim the Sumatran tiger makes his debut at ZSL London Zoo

What they look like

Deep orange coats with broad black stripes. Sumatran Tigers have the darkest coats of all tiger subspecies and long whiskers.

Animal facts

Sumatran tigers are the rarest and smallest subspecies of tiger in the world and are currently classed as critically endangered.

Tigers are both good swimmers and climbers with powerful muscular builds and large claws. In order to catch prey, they hunt alone. They get as close as possible to their prey using their stripes as camouflage to stay hidden, then spring into attack, killing the prey with a bite to the neck. No two tigers have the exact same set of markings, making them identifiable by their uniquely patterned coats.

What they eat

Mainly wild cattle, wild pigs and deer.


In tropical rainforest

Where they live

On the Indonesian island of Sumatra.


Illegal hunting is a serious threat. Their skins and body parts fetch high prices on the black market.

Visit our Sumatran tigers at ZSL London Zoo 

Less than 400 estimated in the wild