Latest News from ZSL London Zoo

Runners take part in the London Zoo stampede

Due to popular demand, ZSL is adding a second Stampede to the calendar and calling on roar-some runners to sign up for the wildest run in London...

Penguins and ice block at Penguin Beach

As Valentine's Day approaches, the flippered residents of Penguin Beach at ZSL London Zoo are busy pairing up for breeding season.

Owl health check up

ZSL London Zoo is inviting kids to bring their teddies for a health-check this February half term, with Vets LIVE - a week of interactive family...

Land of the Lions creative

ZSL London Zoo’s biggest and most breath-taking experience ever will be unveiled to the public on Friday 25 March 2016.

ZSL London Zoo annual stocktake

Armed with clipboards, calculators and cameras, zookeepers at ZSL London Zoo welcomed in the New Year with the annual animal stocktake.

Keeper Rob Harland and Marie the Merlin

This Christmas day the gates of ZSL London Zoo may be closed to the public, but the keepers are still busy inside making sure that that the...

Baby Colobus Monkey

A tiny monkey with fur as white as snow arrived just in time for Christmas at ZSL London Zoo.

Meerkats and Christmas stockings

ZSL London Zoo's merry meerkats have hung up their stockings, as they eagerly await the arrival of Father Christmas.

African hunting dog pups

ZSL London Zoo’s African hunting dog (Lycaon pictus) pack has more than trebled in size, with the arrival of eleven puppies.

Alika and Gernot

ZSL London Zoo’s two infant gorillas are fast becoming the best of friends, as shown in candid shots snapped by their zookeepers.