Happy housewarming

ZSL London Zoo’s troop of ring-tailed coatis were treated to some unique housewarming gifts to celebrate their new Animal Adventure home this week – potted paper plants expertly crafted by the 6th Slough Brownie troop.

Brownies make housewarming gifts to celebrate the opening of Animal Adventure

Animal Adventure - London’s new children’s zoo - opened to the public yesterday (Wednesday 31st July), and is home to 40 other furry, feathery and four-legged residents, including mongoose, llamas, military macaws and pygmy goats.

The troop, led by ZSL keeper and Brownie leader ‘Wise Owl’ Veronica Heldt, came to the Zoo to make origami paper tulips stuffed with the coati’s favourite mealworms – before hanging the gifts in the home of housemates Brush, Velma, Shaggy and Frankie. 

After a lesson on coatis, including getting to know their individual personalities and incredible skills, the Brownie troop watched the long-tailed foursome - expert climbers originating from South America – find their juicy treats in amongst the tempting tulips.

ZSL Keeper Veronica Heldt said: “The 6th Slough Brownie troop loved visiting ZSL London Zoo’s new Animal Adventure children’s zoo and the hanging pot plants they created were a definite hit with our coatis Brush, Shaggy, Velma and Frankie.

“Animal Adventure is the ideal place to bring junior explorers this summer – not only is its travel inspired playpark perfect for little ones of all ages to let off steam, we’re dedicated to helping young animal lovers develop an understanding and concern for nature they can carry into adulthood; something perfectly aligned with the Brownie ethos.” 

Coatis enjoy housewarming gifts to celebrate the opening of Animal Adventure

Emily Mcintyre (8), Scarlet McKenzie (8), Phoebe Tomar (8), Dafina Forde (9), Krystal McKenzie (10) and Caitlin Baker (9) received ZSL badges from zookeepers, in recognition of their newfound animal care skills.

Dedicated to inspiring young families to learn through play, Animal Adventure features a secret-garden style playpark, fun-filled Splash Zone and an open-air amphitheatre for daily talks. 

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