Locust (desert)

Scientific name 
Schistocerca gregaria
Desert locust square image

What it looks like: Desert Locusts are flying insect are typically yellow/brown in colour, with a long body, six limbs and a set of large wings that stretch the length of their body. Desert locus head and body are yellow, while their wings feature brown dots. They’re heads also feature large eyes.

Animal facts:

  • It’s believed that locusts consume their body weight in vegetation every day.
  • Swarms of desert Locusts are known for causing severe crop loss in regions such as Africa.

What they eat: Desert locusts feed on leaves, grain, shoots, flowers, fruit, seeds, stems and bar.

Where they live: Primarily based in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, covering more than 60 countries.

Habitat: They are able to live in a wide range of habitats as a result of their global distribution.

Threats: Predators and pesticides.