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A new herd of animals is arriving this summer, as the Zoo becomes home to the most colossal creatures ever to walk the earth - dinosaurs!

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For just six weeks between 22 July and 3 September, visitors will be taken back in time to a prehistoric world where they will come face-to-face with moving dinosaurs - from the giant but gentle Brachiosaurus to the towering Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Included in Zoo entry, visitors will take a trip via a time machine to the Mesozoic era (about 65 million years ago – give or take a few days), where ZSL’s tour guides will help visitors spot dino-faves like the Triceratops, standing guard over its nest, or take them through an encounter with the armour-plated Edmontonia - a tank-like dinosaur covered in spikes.

Families will be given their own passports for the time travel safari, which will take them on a journey of discovery taking in the fascinating creatures, as well as learning all about the important work ZSL’s conservationists are doing to help prevent today’s animals from becoming extinct.

With a fun trail for kids to complete and fossil digs to explore, visitors might not want to return to 2017!

Summer Sleepover

Dino-fans can continue their time travel adventure by sleeping-over near the mega-lizards, experiencing the sights and sounds of ZSL London Zoo at night. Summer Sleepover is available on select Saturdays in August and September, where kids can spend a night in the Zoo and enjoy a tour of our animals - both prehistoric and contemporary.

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Summer Sleepover

Summer sleepover

Experience the sights and sounds of the the Zoo at night and enjoy exclusive animal tours - both prehistoric and contemporary.

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