Tiger Territory

Asim in Tiger Territory

About Tiger Territory

Visitors to Tiger Territory will embark on a journey through an Indonesian habitat, coming face-to-face with our Sumatran tigers through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

The exhibit has been designed with ZSL’s team of keepers, conservationists and experts to ensure that it perfectly suits the needs of a tiger.

Tigers are excellent climbers and like to observe their terrain from a towering vantage point and Tiger Territory features tall trees to scale and high feeding poles to encourage natural predatory behaviours.

Tiger Territory is home to Asim, Gaysha and cubs Zac and Crispin.


Sumatran tiger cub, Crispin

Name: Zac 

Sex: Male 

Character: Zac’s the largest of the tiger cubs and loves playfighting. So the cubs are getting an early start on developing their hunting skills. 


Tiger cub Zac walks through grass in his Tiger Territory home

Name: Crispin 

Sex: Male 

Character: Crispin is a little quieter than Zac. He’s and is definitely a mummy’s boy and loves to snuggle up to Gaysha. 


Sumatran tiger conservation 

Tiger Territory will inform and inspire a generation of people to treasure the tiger and understand their role in its survival. It will also help fund ZSL’s tiger conservation work in the field, providing a lifeline for years to come.

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Asim explores his new home at ZSL London Zoo

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