Tiger Territory

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About Tiger Territory

Visitors to Tiger Territory will embark on a journey through an Indonesian habitat, coming face-to-face with beautiful tigers through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

The exhibit has been designed with ZSL’s team of tiger keepers, conservationists and experts to ensure that it perfectly suits the big cats’ needs.

Tigers are excellent climbers and like to observe their terrain from a towering vantage point and Tiger Territory allows them to do just that. The exhibit features tall trees for the cats to scale and high feeding poles to encourage their natural predatory behaviours.

The European breeding programme and the Global Management Species Programme for Sumatran tigers are both coordinated by ZSL London Zoo – where ZSL’s specialists are responsible for ensuring a healthy and diverse population of tigers in zoos around the world.

Tiger Territory will inform and inspire a generation of people to treasure the tiger and understand their role in its survival. It will also help fund ZSL’s tiger conservation work in the field, providing a lifeline for years to come.



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Tiger cub's first health check

The tiger cubs get their first health check up and we find out their sexes.

Tiger cub outside in Tiger Territory for the first time.

Our three Sumatran tiger cubs tentatively explored Tiger Territory for their first time.

Tiger cubs feeding with Melati

Sumatran tiger Melati has given birth to three healthy and very playful cubs at ZSL London Zoo.

Jae Jae, a Sumatran Tiger, at ZSL London Zoo.

Our expert keeper Teague Stubbington answers your questions about tigers.

Split Screen photo comparing a house cat with Jae Jae the Sumatran tiger.

Find out how much your loveable moggy is like a powerful tiger.

Sumatran tiger Jae Jae goes for a swim in Tiger Territory at ZSL London Zoo.

Did you know tigers are naturally very good swimmers?

Jae Jae the Sumatran tiger at ZSL London Zoo

Find out about the enrichment activities we use to keep our tigers entertained.

Sumatran tiger Melati investigates Easter egg enrichment at ZSL London Zoo's Tiger Territory

Tigers Jae Jae and Melati get a special visit from the Easter Bunny.

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Find out all about the male resident of ZSL London Zoo's Sumatran tiger exhibit Tiger Territory.

Sumatran tiger Jae Jae

Jae Jae is a handsome male Sumatran tiger with a unique and eye-catching ruff of fur.

Born in San Francisco Zoo, Jae Jae moved to Akron Zoo, Ohio with his brothers Kami Sambol, and Burung when they were all a year old.

In autumn 2012, Jae Jae went the distance for love, travelling to his new home in ZSL London Zoo to meet female tiger Melati as part of the global breeding programme for this critically endangered species.

After successful introductions by zookeepers it's clear Jae Jae and feisty Australian Melati are a good match and the relaxed Romeo seems quite smitten with the new lady in his life.

On 3 February 2014, Jae Jae became a dad to Nakal, Budi and Cinta - vital additions to the international breeding programme for this critically endangered species. The trio were moved to other zoos at the beginning of 2016 to start their own breeding groups.

Jae Jae loves trying out new things and is always up for an adventure – be that bravely checking out a new paddock or getting to grips with a new toy. Quickly capturing the hearts of his keepers, Jae Jae is a fast learner and friendly to all he meets.

Jae Jae loves showing off his climbing skills on the five metre tall feeding pole – and he loves it even more when there’s a tasty treat at the top.


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Vital statistics


Jae Jae


Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae)




March 2008

Birth Zoo:

San Francisco Zoo, California, USA

Other residences:

Akron Zoo, Ohio, USA



Find out all about the female resident of ZSL London Zoo's exhibit Tiger Territory.

Sumatran tiger Melati

Melati is a young female Sumatran tiger with delicate feminine features. She is noticeably smaller than male Jae Jae.

Moving to ZSL London Zoo from the west coast of Australia, Melati lived in Perth Zoo with her twin brother Jaya until she was two years old, when they were moved into separate enclosures.

Her father Hari was born at ZSL London Zoo, so she’s returning to her British roots.

Zookeepers say that Melati is an intelligent and careful cat – taking her time to assess situations before jumping in paws-first. Unlike her roommate Jae Jae, Melati prefers to get to know people before deciding whether she likes them but she’s a loyal friend once she does.

Tigers live in a world of smells and keepers regularly spray perfume around Tiger Territory as enrichment for the big cats. Melati is a girls’ girl through and through – her favourite scent is the ultra- feminine Chanel No.5.

On the 3 February 2014, Melati gave birth to three cubs, Nakal, Budi and Cinta - vital new additions to the international breeding programme for this critically endangered species. The trio were moved to other zoos at the start of 2016 to start their own breeding groups.

Vital statistics




Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae)




August 2008

Birth Zoo:

Perth Zoo, Perth, Australia



Other residences:

Melati lived at Perth Zoo since birth