Rainforest Life

Rainforest exhibit banner

See animals in a different light at Rainforest Life, ZSL London Zoo’s exciting indoor exhibit - including an amazing noctural experience.

Enter London’s only living rainforest where you can come face to face with a variety of amazing rainforest species including monkeys, sloth, armadillo and tamandua.

Then step out of the light and into the all-new ‘Night Life’ area, where you’ll discover the bats, rats and nocturnal wonders who make the dark their home.


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A slender lloris illuminated green in the Rainforest Life exhibit in ZSL London Zoo.

Find out about some of the weird and wonderful creatures that come out after dark.

One of the cotton-top tamarin twins on his mum's back in the Rainforest Life exhibit at ZSL London Zoo.

Say hello to our cute baby Cotton-top Tamarin twins as these little monkeys start to play together and explore their home.

Close up of a sloth's face in Rainforest Life at ZSL London Zoo

Learn how we keep our sloths happy here at ZSL London Zoo.

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When you venture into Rainforest Life, you might be lucky enough to see our two-toed sloth family. Mum Marilyn, Dad Leander, and baby Jeff are all choloepus hoffmanni (that’s sloth to me and you).

baby sloth at feeding time

Sloths are wonderful mammals with some strange features that really make them stand out. Here are just a few curious facts:

  • Sloths are the world’s slowest mammal, yet they’re not as lazy as you might think. Sloths sleep for around 15 hours a day while a tiger can nap up to 20 hours a day!
  • A sloths’ internal organs, such as the heart, spleen, and liver are all arranged to accommodate living upside-down.

Sloth - Leander hanging down at rainforest life

  • Sloths don’t do well on the ground, as their weak hind legs mean they have to pull themselves along. However, their strong long arms make them excellent swimmers. They can even hold their breath for up to 40 minutes!
  • Sloths have grooved fur that allows algae to grow through it. This green tint allows the sloth to blend into its habitat – and provides a tasty afternoon snack.

A sloth yawning at ZSL London Zoo

  • The grip of a sloth is so strong that when they die they sometimes remain hanging on the trees. 

The rainforest is a bustling neighbourhood.

The warmth you feel, the water that drips and trees which soar give rise to a bewildering array of inhabitants.

In just one tree you could find a community of over 1000 species of insects.

With so much competition animals have evolved wonderful adaptations to help them survive.

Tubular tongues, screeching songs and talented tails add to the rich tapestry of rainforest life.

Tammy the Tamandua at ZSL London Zoo.

An emperor tamarin at ZSL London Zoo

A sunbittern at ZSL London Zoo.

Meet the creatures who only come out in the dark in this amazing nocturnal experience.

Animals are kings in this nocturnal world with their giant eyes, protruding whiskers and voluminous ears, which give them an appearance we perceive to be scary.

Meet the ratsbatsarmadillos and slender lorises in Night Life.

A slender loris at ZSL London Zoo in the night zone.

A pair of giant jumping rats at ZSL London Zoo.