Alpacas at London Zoo

Joining London Zoo during the third Lockdown in 2021, this furry male trio are all under a year old and burting with personality! Meet our cheeky alpacas below:


A fluffy white alpaca in need of a name at ZSL London Zoo

Born: 24th April 2020 

Likes: Rolling around in hay and grass - this alpaca definitely prides himself on his self-massage skills, which means he’s often sporting some very fetching twigs and leaves in his hair. 

Dislikes: Being groomed by keepers after rolling around in hay and grass. Keepers are beginning to suspect it’s a fashion statement...! 


A dark brown alpaca at ZSL London Zoo

Born: 29th June 2020  

Likes: Investigating what the zookeepers are doing – this alpaca is definitely the most confident of the trio and doesn’t miss a thing! He is also the most vocal and likes to ‘hum’ (a noise alpacas make to communicate). As a result, he’s already got a name for himself at the zoo as ‘the singing alpaca’. 

Dislikes: Keepers haven’t found anything yet – time will tell... 



A fluffy light brown alpaca in need of a name at ZSL London Zoo

Born: 30th July 2020 

Likes: Being with his alpaca pals – he loves nothing more than snuggling up to his stablemates and following them around as they go about their daily lives. 

Dislikes: Being apart from his alpaca pals – this alpaca is definitely a big softy who loves company.

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