Eastern black-and-white colobus

Colobus monkey

What they look like

These long tailed monkeys have a largely black coat with a fringe of long white hairs and a large white tuft at the end of the tail. They have just four digits on each hand with an almost completely absent thumb.

Animal facts

These monkeys spend most of their time sitting in the tops of trees but also feed and travel on the ground. Females invite males to mate by lip smacking. Babies are pure white for the first few weeks of life.

The name 'colobus' means 'he cut short' and refers to the species' stumpy thumb.

Colobus monkeys are herbivores and live high up in the canopy. They live in small groups with one male and a number of females and their offspring.

The babies are born completely white and later turn into their tell-tale black and white. You can find these beautiful primates in Monkey Valley.

What they eat

Leaves, fruit and flowers


Forest, woodlands, or wooded grasslands

Where they live

Equatorial Africa


Deforestation and hunting by eagles, leopards, chimpanzees and by humans for their skins.

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