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Asiatic lions are clinging to survival in one small isolated forest area of Western India. At the top of the food chain apex predators like Asiatic lions play a crucial role in maintaining healthy ecosystems, even protecting plant life by keeping down the population of grazing animals. Their loss therefore could not only be a tragedy in itself but could create a cascade of harmful effects through the entire habitat. 

Join the ZSL pride to help ensure a future for Asiatic lions and receive a limited edition Asiatic lion champion pack.  

How ZSL is working for Asiatic lions:

  • Rapid response teams: ZSL is working with local partners to support Asiatic lion conservation in the Gir and surrounding areas, where 600 Asiatic lions live. This includes training and equipping rapid response teams to rescue and rehabilitate injured lions. 
  • New technology: Simple technology such as GPS units and hand held electronic devices can help to ensure effective patrols of the protected Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. Just £40 could provide a GPS unit to help track and monitor lions. 
  • Working with Sakkarbaug Zoo: Sakkarbaug Zoo is located in Gujarat and has a population of Asiatic lions. ZSL will train their staff in best practices in animal care and breeding. With just £400 we could even fly a lion keeper from Sakkarbaug Zoo in Gujarat to London for special lion care training. 
  • ZSL London Zoo’s Land of the Lions: ZSL’s two zoos play a central role in educating the public on conservation issues and supporting global conservation breeding, ensuring a ‘safety net’ against extinction and protecting the genetic viability of species. ZSL’s new Land of the Lions exhibit will inspire our visitors and also supports an international breeding effort.


Wildlife Champions Limited Edition Asiatic Lions Pack

You will receive a limited edition Asiatic lion Champion pack, which will include information on these amazing animals and their habitat as well as postcards, badges, stickers and a fold-up lion friend. 

You will also receive a ZSL Wild About magazine three times a year and regular email updates on our work. 


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Asiatic lion and two cubs

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India's Lions

Asiatic lion in chickpea field

Asiatic lions are a subspecies of lions which are slightly smaller than their African counterpart. While they were once found right across the Middle East and northern India by the beginning of the 20th century they had been hunted so intensively that approximately only 20 remained. 

Today, conservation efforts mean that numbers have recovered to the point that there are now just over 500 lions ranging across an area of Western India. Yet there is still more to be done to ensure their continued survival.