How to upgrade your Zoo ticket to membership

Upgrade your Zoo tickets to membership within 14 days of your visit and you'll only pay the difference!

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If you have visited the Zoo within the last two weeks and fancy upgrading your ticket(s) to membership, it couldn’t be easier - just follow these 3 simple steps:

  • 1. Decide if you want to become a Gold or Silver member – go for Gold to make your days at the Zoo go further with lots of benefits and discounts, or if you are simply after free entry only, the Silver pass might be your ticket. Have a look at the price grid below too.
  • 2. Decide if you want to pay by annual Direct Debit (and save 20%!) or credit card.
  • 3. Locate the transaction number (or booking reference if you have booked via SEE Tickets) on your Zoo tickets. You will find it at the top of your PDF Zoo tickets in the order summary section.

For those paying by annual Direct Debit, fill in this online form and we will get you set up within 3-5 business days. 

For those looking to make a one-off credit card payment (and pay the standard price instead of receiving the 20% Direct Debit discount) get in touch with us at 0344 225 1826.

Any questions? See our FAQ section below or email us at See full Terms and Conditions.


Membership prices

Remember you can save 20% by signing up to pay by annual Direct Debit.

Package Gold Silver
Direct Debit
(20% discount inc.)
Standard price Direct Debit
(20% discount inc.)
Standard price
Family 1 adult, up to 4 children £ 176.00 £ 220.00 £ 134.00 £ 167.50
Family 2 adults, up to 4 children £ 261.00 £ 326.25 £ 199.00 £ 248.75
Joint adult £ 192.00 £ 240.00 £ 146.00 £ 182.50
Adult £ 105.50 £ 131.88 £ 80.50 £ 100.63
Joint concession £ 172.80 £ 216.00 £ 131.40 £ 164.25
Concession £ 94.95 £ 118.69 £ 72.45 £ 90.56
Single Child £ 70.00 Direct Debit
£ 87.50 Standard price
Under 3s FREE


Can I use my Zoo tickets to upgrade to a membership for someone else?

No – you can only use your tickets to upgrade to membership for those in your household and not as a gift for others. For joint and family memberships all named individuals must live at the same address.

Can I use multiple Zoo tickets against a single person membership?

Prices will only be discounted on a like-for-like basis. For example, you will be able to exchange two adult tickets against a Joint Adult membership. Adult admission tickets cannot be used as value against child memberships, or vice versa. You can only deduct one set of tickets against a membership

I bought my ticket through a Third Party. Can I upgrade it to membership?

Only tickets purchased through ZSL (including Flexi tickets) - SEE Tickets and National Rail can be redeemed against the price of membership. Special ticket types (e.g. bulk tickets, experiences) are not redeemable against membership packages.

I have filled in the form. How long will it take to process my upgrade request?

We aim to process all membership upgrades within 5 working days. Keep an eye out in your inbox for an update from us!

If you have submitted your request within the 14-day window, we will honour the discount even if it is processed at a later date. 

I made a donation when I bought my tickets. Will this be deducted from my membership cost too?

No – we can only deduct the cost of the tickets from the cost of membership. Your donation is helping us to create a world where wildlife thrives, so thank you. 

Can I apply for membership by post /email?

To apply by post, download the Membership Upgrade Form, fill it out and send it to: FREEPOST RTLJ-KYEJ-CXZY, Supporter Contact Department, ZSL London Zoo, Regent’s Park,  London, NW1 4RY)

PDF icon Membership Upgrade Form 2022 (255.75 KB) (255.75 KB)

Alternatively, email it to us at: Any questions? Call the team at 0344 225 1826.

Whether applying by post or email, please include your tickets in the envelope or as an attachment.


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