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Land of the Lions: The Game

Land of the lions game

Experience life as an Asiatic Lion - one of the most magnificent and endangered animals on the planet.

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Tiger territory game

Homepage tiger territory game

Could you be a terrific tiger? Play our Tiger Territory game and put your skills to the test. 

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Wild Wild Whipsnade Masks

wolverine mask

Just when you thought your kids couldn't get any wilder, look what we've made - Wild Wild Whipsnade animal masks!

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Animals in Action

Kangaroo Animation

Do you love animated films? If so, now is your chance to create your own mini-animation with some help from ZSL’s exhibit developer and animator – Tom Sears. Learn what it takes to become an animator and get to grips with the skills with the help of our own kangaroos!

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Can You Complete The Food Web?

Food Web game

Work out who eats who by putting the animals of the Gir Forest into the correct place in the food web. 

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In with the Lemurs: The Game

Lemurs Game Screen Shot

Can you jump like a lemur? See how far you can get in our In with the Lemurs game!

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Curious Creatures

Curious Creatures Logo

Go on an adventure around the globe and learn about some of the strangest, weirdest, most fascinating creatures that can be found at our zoos in our brand new Curious Creatures series.

Chinese Giant Salamander

grey slender loris




Hanuman Langur

Gentle Lemur

Golden Orb Weaver Spider

Surinam Toad

Jewel Wasp

Zoo Jokes

Laughing squirrel monkey

Our animals think they're pretty funny, in fact, they think they're the funniest animals around! To prove this, they've asked us to post some of their favourite jokes. Please laugh at them, we don't want to hurt their feelings...

Laughs here

Andrea for zoo's who

Zoo's Who

Meet Andrea, who spends her days working with London Zoo's cheeky monkeys!...
BedBugs experience at ZSL London Zoo

BedBUGS Sleepovers

The sleepover with a difference! Stay overnight in the BUG house at ZSL London Zoo.
Zoo's who? tony

Zoo's Who

Meet keeper Tony - the big cat whisper!