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Our zoos are safely open and ready for your visit

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We want everyone visiting our zoos to enjoy a great experience, and we want to continue playing our part in the wider community to keep everyone safe and healthy.

During the school summer holidays we have continued to ask Members and Fellows and visitors to pre-book visits so we can make sure the flow of visitors around the zoo is well-managed. From now, Members and Fellows will no longer need to pre-book Zoo tickets.

To keep the animals in our walkthrough exhibits as safe as possible (the areas where visitors share the same space as our animals) we will be asking all visitors aged over 11yrs without exemptions to wear facemasks. You will also need to wear them in our gift shops.

We’ll be encouraging visitors to voluntarily continue wearing masks when inside our catering spaces, and indoor exhibits.

At ZSL London Zoo our one-way routes will remain marked and recommended to visitors as a great way to see everything, but you will be able to explore your own route if you prefer.

We know our members love to visit frequently, and we are increasing capacities to reflect this. We are confident our members will be able to visit on the dates they wish, without the zoo being overcrowded.

And of course, our handwashing and sanitiser stations will remain available across the zoos.

What do I need to know about visiting your Zoos?
  • Can I visit ZSL London and Whipsnade Zoos?

Yes, our Zoos are safely open and covid-secure. Both ZSL Whipsnade and London Zoos fall under social distancing guidance, which should have a minimal impact on your visit. You can pre-book your ticket here.

Day visitors will need to pre-book tickets online. Visitors will select a date to visit and are granted entry any time after their selected time up to 5pm, one hour before we close at 6pm. Members and Fellows no longer need to pre-book Zoo tickets.

Please wear a face covering on entering Whipsnade Zoo unless you are exempt or are entering the Zoo by car. You can remove it when you are outdoors and have passed through our admissions gate.

  • Will the Zoos be very busy with lots of queues?

We have strictly limited the number of tickets on sale each day. We will also be quickly scanning visitors on arrival to avoid big queues at the entrances, and we have marked out areas where queues might occur to help everyone maintain 2m distance from one another. 
We have also postponed several promotions and all third-party sales so that we can control numbers more effectively and ensure that visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience. 

  •  Are all the exhibits open?

We are working hard to have as much of our experience open as possible and our indoor enclosures at both our Zoos have safely reopened.

Masks are advised and are mandatory for visitors in indoor areas such as our gift shops and walkthrough exhibits such as Gorilla Kingdom at London Zoo. You don't have to wear a mask during the rest of your visit in outdoor areas, but we do encourage it as a courtesy to other visitors and staff.

We have also introduced one-way routes around London Zoo to help with visitor flow and to ensure social distancing. Visitors can choose from 3 different routes depending on the animals they would like to see and the time they would like to spend in the Zoo.

At Whipsnade, our penguins' area will close half an hour before zoo closing time.

  • Can I take the one-way routes around London Zoo multiple times?

Yes, all the routes end in the Zoo's central courtyard so you can take them in any order and as many times as you wish, as long as you remain in the Zoo.

Tickets are for single entry to the Zoo only. If you leave the premises, you will not be granted re-entry.

  • How long can I stay at the zoo?

There is no time limit on your visit but to manage capacities and ensure safe distancing, we would recommend you stay no longer than 4 hours.

  • Are the play areas open?

Yes! Play areas at both sites are safely open including our Splash Zone at London. If you're looking to visit our Hullabazoo indoor play area, you'll just need to book a spot the night before you go.

Book for Hullabazoo indoor play

  • Can I make purchases on-site using cash?

We are encouraging visitors to use contactless payments, not cash. With the contactless limit having been increased to £45, there is also limited need for PIN entry and your payment can remain contactless.

  • Can I bring my own food and drink? And where can I eat it?

Yes, you can bring your own food. There are open-air picnic areas at both Zoos and outdoor tables. We kindly ask everyone, whether bringing their own food or buying food on site, to help our staff and please dispose of all waste in bins provided.

  • Will you be running talks and demonstrations?

As these attract groups of people standing in close proximity, we are not running our regular talks programme for the time being..

  • What about animal experiences like ‘Meet the animals’ or overnight stays in the Lodges?

Experiences are available to book in advance - please see the Experiences section of the website for the latest details.

  • Are the Zoos still accessible for wheelchair users?

Yes, both Zoos are still fully accessible. Find out more about accessibility at ZSL Whipsnade and London Zoos.

  • Will I still be able to hire a wheelchair?

Yes, both Zoos will still have wheelchairs for hire which will be cleaned after each use.


How do I book tickets?
  • Can I buy my ticket on arrival at the Zoo?

No, all tickets must be purchased in advance. This is essential so that we can safely manage the number of people visiting the Zoo each day. Members, Fellows and Patrons no longer need to pre-book Zoo tickets.

  • I booked a ticket but now I cannot come on that day, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a refund if you are now unable to visit. If you need to self-isolate, or feel uncomfortable visiting at the moment, please call us on 0344 225 1826 and we'll happily reschedule for you.

  • Do under-3s also need a ticket?

Yes, in order for us to manage capacities within the Zoos, everybody will need a pre-booked ticket including under 3s. The under-3 ticket remains free.

  • I am a Member, Fellow or Patron - how do I pre-book a ticket?

All Members, Fellows and Patrons no longer need not book at all. Should there be a future need to make changes to these arrangements, we’ll update our website and let our Members, Fellows and Patrons know as soon as we can.

  • I booked a ticket via a third party – is it still valid?

London Pass holders simply need to arrive at the Zoo and present their pass to ZSL Admissions staff.

However, in order to manage numbers on site, we are currently not selling tickets through other third parties. This is so we can closely control how many tickets have been sold for each date and session. If you hold any other third party ticket, please contact the company you bought your voucher from for an exchange/refund.

  • How do I redeem my flexi ticket?

Your flexi/bulk voucher alone is not valid for entry to the Zoo. It must be exchanged in advance for a dated Zoo ticket. When you know which day you’d like to visit, simply go to, choose the Zoo your ticket is valid for, select the date and the tickets for your group. When you proceed to pay, select ‘Pay now', then 'Gift voucher’ and enter your flexi ticket voucher number(s). That will reduce the cost of those tickets to zero.

  • Are any of the promotions that ran before your lockdown closures still valid?

So that we can manage our visitor numbers effectively and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, we have decided to stop all active promotions at this moment in time. This means that we are not accepting Tesco Vouchers, National 241 Rail Offers or any other long-standing promotion. Unfortunately, this means that we are also unable to currently offer free entry to Blue Peter badge holders.

  • I have one of your 2020 flyers with a discount offer on it. Can I still use it?

No. So that we can manage the number of people entering the Zoo, we are only selling tickets online. This allows us to cap numbers really effectively for everyone’s safety. Unfortunately, this also means that promotions have had to be stopped, including the 20% offer which was valid for sales at the gate only.

  • What about tickets for essential carers? I don’t see them online…

Free admission for an essential carer is still available when visiting with a visitor with additional needs. This will be managed on the gate upon arrival.

  • Can I upgrade my Zoo ticket to become a member?

Yes! You can upgrade your Zoo ticket to membership within 14 days of your visit and only pay the difference! Find out more at

I'm a Member, Fellow or Patron - what does this all mean for me?
  • Do I need to pre-book a ticket to visit?

Members, Fellows and Patrons no longer need to pre-book Zoo tickets. You can now visit the Zoo by showing your membership card - or temporary slip for new members - at the Zoo entrance on the day you would like to visit. 

  • Can I use my half price/complimentary tickets at the moment?

We’re pleased to let you know that Members and Fellows are able to use their half price Zoo tickets again for all days. Patrons' complimentary tickets can be used on any date.

All half-price and complimentary tickets must be redeemed online. Find out more here.

  • As a Fellow, can I still bring in a family guest with me for free?

As a Fellow, you are still able to bring a family guest into the Zoo with you. This no longer needs to be prebooked. Simply present your temporary pass or Fellows card at the main admission gate with your guest at the main entrance gate.

  • I am a Patron, can I still sign in family guests for free? 

The Primary Patron (the one with the red card) can sign in two family guests each visit by showing their Patron card or welcome letter.  Patrons must accompany their family guests to gain admission.  If you are unsure of who your Primary Patron is, please contact us at

  • I’m a new Member, Fellow or Patron, how can I pick up my membership card?

The membership desks at both London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo are open – staffing levels permitting – to take your photos and print your membership cards. However, if there is a queue or if you would prefer to pick up your cards another time, please check back later and use your temporary membership slip to gain entry to the Zoo.

  • I want to do more to help. What can I do?

We need every bit of help we can get so we can bounce back after what has been an incredibly difficult year. Renewing your membership or a donation, of any size would make all the difference. You can donate online at

Can I book a school visit?

Schools can now book for a visit in the upcoming 21-22 Autumn/Winter school term. We're fully booked for summer. To enquire about a visit, please select which zoo you'd like to visit, below:

Enquire about an education visit for LONDON ZOO
Enquire about an education for WHIPSNADE ZOO

If you have any questions please email .

Can I visit the ZSL library?

ZSL’s Library is currently opening on reduced hours. If you have borrowed books we will be automatically renewing your loan, so please don’t worry. There’s no need to attempt to return your books at the moment.

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