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A northern bald ibis
by ZSL on

Dominic Jermey, ZSL's Director General, explains why zoos like ZSL London Zoo play an important role in bringing wildlife back from the brink

Asiatic lion Bhanu in a mountain of fallen leaves at ZSL London Zoo
by ZSL on

Enrichment is so important for all of our animals, and our lions loved playing in a pile of autumn leaves! 

Rainbow the penguin at ZSL London Zoo
by ZSL on

Remember Rainbow? She was rescued by our keepers and vets in July 2018 after her parents accidentally broke her shell. Find out how she's getting...

Asiatic lioness
by ZSL on

Recall and agility training with our Asiatic lions

Asiatic lion Indi with enrichment at ZSL London Zoo
by ZSL on

Watch our Asiatic lions in action as ZSL's Jim Mackie explains the importance of environmental enrichment.

Heidi Liontrust London Zoo
by ZSL on

Learn all about our Asiatic lions at ZSL London Zoo and their status in the wild.

Al having sweet potato
by ZSL on

Just as Sophie Sparrow our Senior Veterinary Nurse sits down in the office to write up her notes, she’s called again - up and off she goes, across...

ZSL camel house
by Anonymous (not verified) on

ZSL London Zoo is steeped in history, having been set up in April 1828. The site in Regent’s Park is home to thousands of different species and...

Red-thighed horned frog
by ZSL on

Ben Tapley, ZSL’s Curator of Herpetology, describes the discovery of a new frog species in Vietnam.

Andy Davison Coast to Coast walk
by ZSL on

After taking on an epic 192 mile walk between St Bees and Robin Hood's Bay, ZSL presenter Andy Davison describes his gruelling journey.

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