Photos from our members and visitors

Photos from our members and visitors 

It’s been such a busy summer at our Zoos this year, with everyone finally able to enjoy our animals and the freedom of our Zoos. Many of you have sent in your photos to – here are some of our favourites. 


Amur tigers at Whipsnade by Amber Rainsford
“The tigers are one of my favourites in the Zoo, they’re absolutely beautiful. Even when they’re sleeping they’re a lot of fun to watch because they’re normally cuddled up – it’s so cute! I’m a student Fellow at ZSL so I’m constantly at both Zoos (I think I’ve been to Whipsnade about 10 times this year) and you get to know the animals and their personalities. Whipsnade is also great for practicing photography as the enclosures are so big and open.” Amber Rainsford, ZSL Fellow


 Lauren Allen and son Zakariya at Zoorassic Park
“Zakariya was in amazement visiting the dinosaurs, he kept roaring at them and we couldn't leave the Zoo without a second visit. Elephants are my favourite so we spent a bit of time on the benches to watch them. Zakariya burnt off some energy in the playground; it wasn't open on our last visit because of lockdown restrictions so it was lovely to see him fascinated with everything to do in there.” Lauren Allen and son Zakariya


 Charlotte Briggs and family at Travel the World, London Zoo
“Travel the world was really exciting – the passport gave us such a sense of adventure as we discovered animals from around the world. Our favourite thing about the Zoo is the variety of animals to see – we all have our favourites so everyone is happy! Jack's are the lions, mine are the monkeys, Ella-Rose loves the butterfly walkthrough and it was the twins’ first visit to the Zoo so they were just amazed to see it all!” Charlotte Briggs with husband Jack, twins (left to right) Alfie and Charlie, and Ella-Rose (middle)


Flamingo chick at Whipsnade Zoo by Simon Reeves
“Flamingos are one of my favourite birds to photograph, my main aim is to get the reflection of the birds – the pink looks great reflected in the water. Photographing the flamingos at hatching time is always great. It’s a task to try and get photos of the young birds as they are either with their mums or other youngsters, but when you wait and get them alone the photos are really good!” Simon Reeves, ZSL Gold Member


Electric blue gecko at London Zoo by Luke Capeling

“This awesome electric blue dwarf gecko seemed almost as if it was sitting on the leaf waiting for the photo! Definitely a case of right place, right time. The Reptile and Amphibian House is one of the highlights of ZSL London Zoo – the variety of species is beyond imagination and stories behind some of the individuals really bring home how important zoos are for conservation. Like Professor Lew for example, a Chinese giant salamander rescued from the illegal wildlife trade, now visitors can have close-up encounters with him, learn his story and about how we can prevent this illegal trade.” Luke Capeling, ZSL Gold Member


Nigel, Lewis & Zoë Yau at London Zoo
“We are an outdoor family and always enjoy going to London Zoo to get close to nature, while learning and getting a better understanding of our fellow animals that we share the planet with. Our favourite thing to do is to visit the Humboldt penguins – we love to watch them swimming and on the beach, and imagine what the penguins are saying to each other in their group!” Nigel Yau and children Lewis & Zoë 


White rhinos at Whipsnade Zoo by Alison Noble
“The rhinos are one of my favourite animals at the Zoo, I could watch them all day. I’m intrigued by their size and appearance, and there is something quite calming about watching them. I was lucky to capture this photo on a day where the sun was out and the rhinos were really close. There was a few of them grazing and these two were quite happy and content just laying there.” Alison Noble, ZSL Member

Stephanie Watkiss and son Owen at penguins, Whipsnade Zoo

“This was Owen’s first trip to the Zoo, he was eight weeks old at the time, and he spent most of his first visit asleep! He did wake up for mummy's favourite animal, the red panda, and daddy's, the otters – in part due to having to take the bear suit off as the sun came out! My boyfriend Toby and I have been going to the Zoo's together since 2013 and are regular visitors, we especially love coming when all the baby animals start making their appearances.” Stephanie Watkiss and son Owen


Baby tamandua at London Zoo by Rhianna White
“We were really lucky with the photo. As we entered the exhibit one of ZSL’s volunteers pointed out that the mum and baby were out, and after watching for only a few minutes, mum started climbing, which gave me a brilliant shot of the baby. I’d never actually seen a tamandua before but immediately became enamoured with them. The little one is just so sweet and I was amazed at how skilled they are at moving in the trees.” Rhianna White


Andrew and Abel Jackson at Zoorassic Park, Whipsnade Zoo
“Abel is a huge dinosaur fan, he knows more dino names than I do and frequently teaches me. He thought the dinosaurs in Zoorassic Park were fantastic – I think he loved how much they towered over him and he was mesmerised by their movement and roars. We were super lucky that Andy Day was performing his Dino Raps on our visit, my son hasn't stopped talking about it!” Lucy and Andrew Jackson (pictured) with son Abel


Hippo close up at Whipsnade Zoo by Colin Le Boutillier
“My wife and I have been ZSL members for several years, and the best thing about the Zoo is that there’s always something unexpected. Hippos are a bit of a favourite, especially the pygmy hippos. I usually try to get a glimpse at least. I think what I like best about them is that they seem so much themselves, completely aloof to what's going on around them.” Colin Le Boutillier 


We want your photos! Got any great shots of you or your family at the Zoo, or an epic animal pic from your last visit? Send them to and you could feature on the website or in Wild About magazine.


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