ZSL's Online Education Workshops - Bringing the Zoo to You!

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Want to learn about habitats from home? Discover how elephants evolved? Investigate mammal molars? 

Join Senior Learning Officer Danielle Hearn for weekly online education workshops filmed live at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo – bringing the zoo to you!

Perfect for kids aged 5-13 either at home or back at school, be sure to check back every Wednesday for new topics and tasks to do alongside.

And we’d love to see your work! Tweet us @ZSL_Learning to show us what you’ve been up to. 


Week 1 – Habitats!

What lives in the wettest place on earth? And the driest? And where in the world to reindeer live? Join Danielle and our two reindeer, Flora and Heidi, to find out.

Your task for this week: Choose a habitat to investigate. It could be a microhabitat in your garden or a wild habitat from far away. Find out what it’s like there and which animals call it home. You can present this in any way you like – write about it, draw a picture with labels or even make a model – and send it to us! Tweet it @ZSL_Leaning


Week Two - Adaptations!

Where do giraffes live? And what special features do they have that makes them so well suited to living there? Join Danielle and our herd of giraffes at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo as she explores different animals' adaptations.

Your task this week: Tell us all about the adaptations of your favourite animal! Create a poster telling us all about it's habitat and labelling all the different features it has on it's body to help it live there. Don't forget to show us your work - tweet it @ZSL_Leaning.


Week 3 - Teeth and Diets

Know the difference between herbivores, carnivores and omnivores? And why do they have different teeth? Recap all this and more with Danielle and see if you can join her in working out what animal a mystery skull belongs to...

Your task this week: Imagine you run your own zoo and have three of your favourite animals living there. Find out what their diets are and how much they need to eat each week and write a weekly shopping list for your zoo! Show us your work by tweeting us @ZSL_Leaning.


Week 4 - Lifecycles!

Egg, caterpillar, crysalis... know what comes next?! Join Danielle as she explores the lifecycles of a variety of animals from the truly tropical butterfl house at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo!

Your task this week: Pick your favourite animal and show us it's lifecycle. You could draw it, paint it, or even make a model of it out of clay and send us a photo! Show us your work by tweeting it @ZSL_Leaning.


Week 5 - Classification

What's the difference between animals covered in fur, feathers or scales? And which group lay jelly-like eggs? Join Danielle for a whistle stop tour around the zoo as she explores the five different vertebrate groups.

Your task this week: Write a poem all about the different features of the last vertebrate group - amphibians! Show us your work by tweeting it @ZSL_Leaning.


Week 6 - Evolution

Want to know how elephants evolved? Join Danielle and our herd of Asian elephants at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo to explore how animals become adapted to thier habitats - and look out for little Elizabeth trying to get in on the learning too!

Your task for this week: Write a story explaining how your favourite animal evolved to be adapted for it's habitat. We'd love to read it! Tweet it @ZSL_Leaning.


Week 7 - Endangered Animals

Why are animals endangered? And what can you do to help? Head on a quick tour around ZSL Whipsnade Zoo with Danielle as she visits some of the animals most at threat and discusses what people at home can do to help them.

Your task for this week: Find out what threats your favourite endangered animal is facing and tell us about it! You could write a news report, creat an informative poster or even video yourself talkning all about it - however you tell us, don't forget to tweet it @ZSL_Leaning.

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