11 Awesome Artworks on the Walk to ZSL London Zoo

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More and more of us Londoners are looking for things to do on staycation in our local area this summer.

Animal lovers throughout the city will be glad to know that ZSL London Zoo is open, welcoming you back for great days out with wildlife, right in the heart of Regent’s Park.

We’ve put measures in place so you can have fun and relax when you get here – but how about on your journey in? To make your Zoo day even brighter we’ve created a highlights tour of the awesome street art you can spot while walking, cycling, or even running on your way to London Zoo. Don’t worry art appreciating animal lovers – we’ve got you covered!


Notting Hill Artists Mural

Banksy and Artists Mural

If you’re walking or cycling to us from Notting Hill, you might already know about Banksy’s mural of The Painter daubed on the side of a building on famous Portobello Road. But you might not know about another mural, just a little further up the road, featuring a who’s who of famous artworld faces – from Pablo Picasso to Andy Warhol. 


Acklam Road Wildflower Meadow

Acklam Road Wildflower Meadow

Under the shadow of the Westway and the famous Trellick Tower lies the Acklam Road Wildflower Meadow. The garden started as an unloved and unused plot of land, until a group of friends began clearing and planting the garden. Now it's full of flora and fauna - and colourful illustrations - to make it into a wonderful community space. You can learn more about making your garden animal friendly, including how to build a bug hotel, in our Wildlife Garden on your visit to ZSL London Zoo!


Regent's Canal Litter Art

Litter Art on Regent's Canal

Travelling to the Zoo along the Grand Union canal there’s lots to see, from colourful barges to red-beaked moorhens bobbing along the water. Look across the water between Westbourne Park and Little Venice to see this vibrant mural made by the Stowe Youth Club and artist Kevin Herlihy made from discarded litter. Discover more about what we can all do to reduce the use of single use plastic by checking out our #OneLess project


Amy Winehouse Statue, Camden

Amy Winehouse Statue

Much loved local Amy Winehouse lived in Camden. Her impact on the area has been immortalised by this Bronze statue, unveiled by her parents in Stables Market in 2014. Amy also used to pull pints behind the bar at The Dublin Castle on Camden Parkway, just around the corner from the Zoo. 


Camden Lock Railway Bridge Mural

Camden Lock Mural

This colourful mural shows two sign painters swinging high up on the railway bridge painting the ‘Camden Lock’ mural near Camden Market. From here you’re just a short stroll up the canal to the Zoo!


Camden Fox Mural

Camden High Street

Look up high at the corner of Camden High Street and Greenland Road and you’ll find another couple of sign painters – foxes this time! Shown at work by artist Mau Mau, could they be portraits of the same foxes that sneak into the Zoo at night once everyone’s gone home? We like to think so!


Chalk Farm Mural

Chalk Farm Mural

As you walk or cycle over the railway bridge from Chalk Farm you’ll be greeted with this colourful mural bursting with life. Featuring a whole host of wildlife in the mural painted by Annabel Hudson in 1999, it's the perfect stop on the way to seieng the real thing at ZSL London Zoo!


Camden's Rainbow Crossing

Camden’s Rainbow Crossing

A very colourful new addition to Camden High Street, this rainbow crossing was installed in June as part of Pride month in solidarity with Camden’s LGBTQ+ communities. Did you know that our Humboldt penguin colony at Penguin Beach, which is home to three same-sex couples, joined in with pride celebrations last year recreating the famous Stonewall ‘Get Over It’ campaign?


Regent's Canal Graffiti Wall

Graffiti wall on the Regent's Canal

If you’ve walked along the canal from Little Venice, you’ll know you’re nearly at the Zoo when you spot our awesome African wild dogs on the other side. You’re only five minutes from the Zoo, but there’s still time for one more street art location - a graffiti wall where artists create their own tags and murals, one on top of the other. It’s housed just below our Horticulture department so make sure you give our expert gardeners a wave!


Louis Masai Mural

Louis Masai mural

Once you’re inside the Zoo, you’ll find Louis Masai’s colourful patchwork murals just before the tunnel leading to Barclay Court. These murals highlight the wonder of species that are part of our Evolutionary Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE) list. Spot a gigantic gharial and towering pygmy three-toed sloth – and get inspired to learn more about these incredibly rare, totally unique animals.


ZSL London Zoo Rainforest Mural

Mural at Rainforest Life

The mural at the entrance to Rainforest Life gives you a vivid picture of the animals that live there. Look out for tamanduas, sloths and Emperor tamarins in the mural - then head inside to see them in real life!

Inform and inspire young minds and create memories that last a lifetime, with a visit to ZSL London Zoo. With each ticket sold contributing to a more vibrant future in a world where wildlife thrives, have your camera handy for some simply unmissable selfie spots and must-snap photo ops. Book a timed slot today:

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