African Penguin Facts

This curious penguin hails from Southern Africa, living on the coast in colonies.

The African black-footed penguin is sometimes referred to as the Jackass penguin, due to their calls sounding simillar to that of a braying donkey.

Like other penguins, the African penguin is a bird that has adapted to aquatic life. They are avid swimmers and can reach top speeds of up to 25 mph when underwater. They typically feed on fish, squid, krill and other forms of sealife.

humboldt penguin

Because African penguins live in a warm climate, they don’t engage in a migration process like other birds do. They are a social bird and will remain in a large colony, working together to keep one another safe.

Being a social animal, African penguins use various forms of communication within their group. Using sight and sound, they are able to identify individuals in the group, including their mate.

Group of humboldt penguins

Both males and females will help raise their young. Once an egg has been produced, Mum and Dad will take turns incubating the egg until it hatches. This can take around 40 days.

Penguins are very alert and inquisitive birds, so you might notice them following you around when you visit!

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