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ZAPP 2014
1 Jan - 1 Apr 2014

See some of the most amazing animal photography in the world at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo!

Clock Tower / Llama & Camel House - 1828 by Decimus Burton, Listed Grade II
6 Apr 2014 11:00 - 13:30

Experience ZSL London Zoo through its historical architectural themes that bring out the history...

Lubetkin penguin pool
25 Apr - 26 Apr 2014

Discover the stories behind the world’s first scientific zoo with our new history tour…

Writers Astrid & Pascal for Creative Masterclass
26 Apr - 27 Apr 2014

Tutors Pascale Petit & Astrid Alben will help develop your writing skills while thinking and...

Deadly Aerial Assassins  banner
3 May - 5 May 2014

Join us at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo from the 3rd to 5th May 2014 for an exhilarating display of Deadly...

Louise Douhgty photo - writers talks
7 May 2014 18:30 - 21:00

ZSL conservation scientists and keepers team up with leading writers to talk about the animals...

Outdoor cinema screening at ZSL London Zoo
6 May - 10 May 2014

Take an exclusive twilight tour into the urban jungle as ZSL London Zoo opens its doors after...

Special Children's Day banner
17 May - 18 May 2014

Special Children's Day is a unique annual event at ZSL London Zoo welcoming children with...

Safari in the City gala event
21 May 2014 19:00 - 23:30

Release your inner lion - A fundraising gala night at ZSL London Zoo

Zebra - close-up M. Wegmann
22 May - 23 May 2014

Approaches for understanding mechanisms shaping changes in biodiversity patterns.