ZSL Awards

ZSL's programme of science and conservation awards recognises outstanding contributions in the following categories. To nominate a candidate for an award, please contact Linda DaVolls linda.davolls@zsl.org


ZSL Prince Philip Award and Marsh Prize

Awarded to pupils under 19 years of age at school or sixth form college in the UK, for an account of practical work involving some aspect of animal biology.

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ZSL Charles Darwin Award and Marsh Prize

Awarded for an outstanding zoological research project by an undergraduate attending a university in the UK.

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ZSL Thomas Henry Huxley Award and Marsh Prize

Awarded to a postgraduate research biologist attending university in the UK for original work submitted as a doctoral thesis.

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ZSL Scientific Medal

Awarded to zoologists with no more than 15 years postdoctoral experience, in recognition of scientific merit.


ZSL Marsh Award for Conservation Biology

For contributions of fundamental science and its application to the conservation of animal species and habitats.


ZSL Marsh Award for Marine and Freshwater Conservation

For contributions of fundamental science and its application to the conservation in marine and/or freshwater ecosystems.


ZSL Frink Medal

For significant and original contributions by a professional zoologist to the development of zoology.


ZSL Stamford Raffles Award

For distinguished contributions to zoology by amateur zoologists or professional zoologists in recognition of contributions which are outside the scope of their professional activities.


ZSL Silver Medal

Awarded for contributions to the understanding and appreciation of zoology, including public education in natural history, and wildlife conservation.


Thomson Reuters/Zoological Record Award for Communicating Zoology

Awarded for a communication of a zoological nature that has an outstanding impact on a general audience. The impact may be measured in terms of outstanding quality, novelty, innovation or accessibility for a wide audience.


Honorary Fellowship of the Zoological Society of London

Awarded to individuals associated with the Society who have, through their scientific or professional activities, promoted the objectives of the Society.


The ZSL Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Zoo Community

Awarded to individuals who have made an outstanding, long-term contribution to the international zoo and aquarium community.


The ZSL Medal

The ZSL Medal is awarded to serving or recently retired staff for outstanding achievement in the service of ZSL, and/or an outstanding contributions over an extended period of time.


  • ZSL Award for Conservation Innovation
  • ZSL Award for Outstanding Contributions to Conservation


2013 Conservation Award Winners 

ZSL Award for Outstanding Contributions to Conservation

William Laurance

The ZSL Award for Outstanding Contributions to Conservation recognises individuals who have made exceptional, long-term contributions to the conservation of wildlife and habitats.  ZSL is delighted to present the award to Professor William Laurance for his many significant contributions as a leading scientist, a science communicator and an advocate for conservation policy.  William Laurance is Distinguished Research Professor at James Cook University, Australia.  He also holds the Prince Bernhard Chair for International Nature Conservation at Utrecht University, Netherlands and is a research associate at Harvard University and the Smithsonian. His research focuses on the impacts of intensive land-uses, such as habitat fragmentation, logging, and wildfires, on tropical forests and species, climate change and conservation policy. Professor Laurance is influential in the areas of conservation policy, public engagement and conservation science and practice.


ZSL Award for Conservation Innovation               

Johan Rockström

The ZSL Award for Conservation Innovation is awarded to an individual who has developed and implemented practical conservation tools or approaches that have had a major conservation impact. Johan Rockström is Professor in Environmental Science with emphasis on water resources and global sustainability at Stockholm University, and the Executive Director of Stockholm Resilience Centre. He led the development of the new Planetary Boundaries framework for human development in the current era of rapid global change. His influential work on global water resources and strategies to build resilience in water scarce regions of the world is based on extensive research in tropical regions. He serves on several scientific committees and boards, and is vice-chair of the science advisory board of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact research (PIK) and he has also co-chaired the visioning process on global environmental change of ICSU, the International Council for Science.


Further information

Please contact the Secretary of the Awards Committee on 020 7449 6272 or email Linda.davolls@zsl.org

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ZSL Scientific Award winners
Johanne Matheson and Jamie Weir, Larbert High School, receiving the ZSL Prince Philip Award and Marsh Prize.