ZSL's Asiatic Lions Campaign: What will ZSL do?

ZSL is working with partners in India, including the Wildlife Institute of India and Gujarat Forest Department to safeguard Asiatic lions. 

Experts across ZSL have provided training, expertise and support to Asiatic lion conservation programmes in the Gir Forest.

  • ZSL trained the Gir’s rangers to use a new monitoring system to give staff clearer and more scientific data on what is happening in the protected area, helping to identify threats and monitor activity.
  • ZSL zookeepers shared enrichment techniques with staff Sakkarbaug Zoo, an important Asiatic lion breeding centre. Keepers from Sakkarbaug Zoo visited ZSL’s London and Whipsnade Zoos to shadow the ZSL keepers and share knowledge.

  • Vets from ZSL worked with local vet teams to help them rescue and rehabilitate injured or trapped lions, shared knowledge and are helping to get systems in place to manage any potential disease outbreak which could wipe out the remaining Gir lions.

  • ZSL education experts worked with staff at Sakkarbaug Zoo and other local conservation organisations to help shape their plans for the development of educational activities around wildlife conservation in the Gir Forest National Park.

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Land of the Lions

Our new visitor experience and breeding facility at ZSL London Zoo. ‘Land of the Lions’ will inspire our visitors to support us in our bid to save the Asiatic lion. Asiatic lions have long lived in harmony with human communities in India. Land of the Lions bring the lions’ story to life in new and inventive ways, to give visitors an exceptional experience that will stay with them forever.

Asian lion in Gir forest India

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