Walk of the week

22 Oct - 8 Dec 2021

Walk of the week

10.30am on selected dates (free on entry) - meet at the Visitor Centre.

Join one of our team on a relaxing guided walk around the Zoo. This one-hour walk and talk will be an opportunity to spend time with our experts, getting behind the scenes info and occasionally strolling off the beaten track of the Zoo. Meet other like-minded Zoo frequenters and breathe in our big green spaces – breathe in and admire the picturesque surroundings - nurturing both body and mind.

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Each week's walk will have a theme all of its own:

  • 19 November: Bird’s The Word - Learn more about our feathered friends and how they have given us a bird's eye view into the world we know and love today.
  • 24 November: Animal Weaponry - How have animals evolved over the years to protect themselves against predators or catch their prey? Let's visit some of our apex predators and armoured prey to find out. 
  • 3 December: Whipsnade’s heritage - 90 years of Whipsnade – dive into our history and learn some of the hidden stories from our past as we celebrate our 90th year.
  • 8 December: Winter Wonders - The weird and wonderful world of camouflage & adaptation – let's explore how some of our animals are perfectly adapted to the cold and can survive even the harshest of Winters.

Become a ZSL Member to enter free of charge.

Joining these walks is free of charge on paid entry to the Zoo – places must be booked online in advance.

Please arrive early to avoid queues on zoo entry. 

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