Bear Grylls Wild Survival Academy

29 Jul - 3 Sep 2017

Do you have what it takes to beat the elements and survive in the wild?

Join us this summer between 29 July and 3 September as we exclusively host the Bear Grylls Wild Survival Academy for the first time ever!

Your little ones can become real wildlife explorers and put their survival skills to the test with a host of invigorating challenges from Shelter Building and Assault Course to our Wildlife ID Quiz.

Learn how to forage for food deep in the forest at our Wild Foods station and discover how to track and study animal behaviour with our Observation Station.

So what are you waiting for!? It’s time to blend into your surroundings, test your animal knowledge and perfect your survival skills at our Bear Grylls Wild Survival Academy event.

All activities are included in your ticket price. 

Live shows

As if all that wasn't enough, teams from ZSL and Bear Grylls Survival Academy will demonstrate how animals and humans survive in extreme conditions with our live interactive shows taking place throughout the summer.