Hullabazoo Indoor Play

Each element of Hullabazoo is designed around different habitats enabling your children to have fun and mimic their favourite animals. You’ll be able to watch your little ones crawl through the garden, climb like an insect or journey through the Antarctic to become a penguin sliding down the ice.

Plus we haven’t forgotten you. We understand as parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles that you too have needs, so we will have comfortable seating and a selection of quality food and drinks available within the vicinity.

Hullabazoo indoor play is located at the Children’s Farm (in the heart of the Zoo) and is suitable for children up to 10 years of age. 

Booking a play time

Hullabazoo has been hugely popular, and for the safety of your children we can only accommodate a limited number at any one time. If you would like to enjoy our latest addition, please make your way to Hullabazoo to book your session. 

Please note: 

  • Sessions are booked on a first come, first served basis. They book up quickly so please book your session early in your visit as there are days when all sessions have become full by lunchtime. 
  • On Mondays during term time Hullabazoo will close 30 mins earlier for a ball pool clean. For more information you are welcome to speak to a member of staff in Hullabazoo
  • We also offer private hire of Hullabazoo and on days when we have reservations the last play session will be at 1.30-2.20pm. Please see below for dates.​

Private Hire Dates

Hullabazoo Indoor Play terms of entry

  • Guardians are responsible for the supervision of all children in their care at all times.
  • We provide members of staff who are first aid trained, any children who suffer from sickness, diarrhoea or contagious conditions will not be allowed within Hullabazoo Indoor Play.
  • All customers must remove their shoes before playing and for hygiene reasons MUST wear socks, underwear and appropriate clothing.
  •  Age restrictions are necessary for the safe use of equipment; children must play in the age appropriate area (baby garden 18mth - 3yrs, junior play frame for 4-10 yrs.). Maximum age on the equipment is age 10.
  • Timed sessions apply, customers may not book consecutive sessions.
  • Only food and drink purchased in Hullabazoo may be consumed on the premises.
  • Photography must be restricted to your own children only, and we ask you do not stand at the bottom of the slide to take photos, management may ask to see photos if a complaint is made.
  • No Buggies/scooters/bikes etc in Hullabazoo Indoor Play.
  • Fighting or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated; guilty parties may be asked to leave.
  • We advise that children wear long sleeves and trousers without any ropes or cords, remove objects from pockets and leave personal items with a guardian; we cannot accept any liability for losses or thefts.
  • All customers must abide by all written and verbal instructions from staff.
  • We do not tolerate any form of abuse towards staff.  Management retains the right to refuse entry.

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