Accessibility and Inclusivity

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo is considered reasonably wheelchair friendly.

Free entry for one essential carer or free essential car entry into the Zoo is available per paying visitor with additional needs. A child’s ticket must be purchased for any under 3 with additional needs who requires a free essential carer.


Ramp access

There is ramp access to the following areas:

  • The Animal Houses.
  • Base Camp Restaurant and River Cottage Kitchen & Deli
  • The Sealion Arena and Bird Arena to view the displays
  • Hullabazoo play areas and Hullabazoo Farm
  • First Aid Point (next to the Visitor Centre)
  • The steam train (Please note, two wheelchairs can be accommodated on the train per trip)
  • Owl Wood - Access may cause wheelchair users some difficulty, as it is covered by bark chippings in order to subdue the noise.



We have a limited number of wheelchairs that are available for hire on a first-come, first-served basis and it is therefore advised to book them in advance of your visit by calling the Retail Shop on 01582 871517. A deposit of £25 is required which will be refunded on return of the wheelchair at the end of your visit.

The wheelchairs are non-motorised and are not self-propelling. 

It is also possible to hire a mobility scooter, and again we'd recommend booking in advance of your visit. A mobility scooter will cost £20 to hire, plus a refundable deposit of £30. 


Accessible toilets 

There are several accessible toilet facilities available around the Zoo: 

  • Visitor Centre
  • Discovery Centre
  • Africa Outpost
  • Base Camp Restaurant

A permanent Changing Place facility will be coming soon to Whipsnade. 


Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs are not currently permitted inside ZSL Whipsnade Zoo because we have free-roaming animals such as mara, wallabies, Chinese water deer and muntjac around our Zoo. They use all of the Zoo and therefore we are not able to offer routes to for assistance dogs at present. We are working with Guide Dogs UK to resolve this and hope to be able to welcome dogs to certain areas of the Zoo in the future. We do offer two kennels which are located in a quiet area at the entrance of the Zoo for assistance dogs to stay during your visit. Many dogs may not like being left all day in this new kennel with the smells and sounds of the Zoo so close so please contact our support centre in advance of your visit to make alternative arrangements on 0344 225 1826 or email


Penguin Pass queue hopper

Great days out for everyone 

Supporting families with additional needs, the Penguin Pass queue hopper gives families the opportunity to hop queues at the Zoo when shown to our staff. Ricky the rockhopper

How to get your Penguin Pass

1. Call 01582 871517 to book your pass
2. Pick it up at the Zoo’s Visitor Centre when you arrive
3. Have a brilliant day out
4. Return your pass to the Zoo Shop at the end of the day

Please note we only offer a limited amount of Penguin Passes per day so please do book in advance to avoid disappointment.


#FreeToFeed campaign sticker 2019Free to Feed breastfeeding campaign 

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo is proud to be part of the #FreeToFeed campaign, supporting mothers while they visit ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. 

The #FreeToFeed campaign, run by Bedfordshire Community Health Services and Flying Start Luton with support from local authorities, is encouraging businesses to do their bit to help new mums feel comfortable breastfeeding their children when out and about. We have become the 100th organisation to sign up, and are displaying window stickers in all of our restaurants and cafes as we're proud to endorse breastfeeding throughout the Zoo. 

Find out more about the #FreeToFeed campaign



More visitor information

With so much to see and do, a visit to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo is the perfect day out in Bedfordshire for people of all ages.

Our Visitor Information page has all the information you need to plan your day.