Sea Lion

Sea lions

Species: Sea lion

Latin name: Zalophus californianus

What they look like: Sea lions are dark grey or brown in colour and have two fins on their upper body in addition to a fanned tail to help them move through the water. They also have large whiskers to help them with navigation and sleek waterproof fur.

Animal facts:

  • Sea lions are extremely agile in the water, using their front flippers to power themselves along.
  • They have excellent underwater vision and their whiskers are very sensitive to vibrations in the water. 
  • Their fur is short, sleek and waterproof.

Where they live: West coast of California (USA). Also Galapagos Archipelago.

Habitat: Sea, isolated beaches and rocky coastlines.

What they eat: Octopus, squid and fish.

Threats: Poaching and habitat pollution.


Conservation Status
Least Concern