Home education workshops

Our home education workshops are designed for children from 5 to 16 years old who are being home educated. Delivered by a diverse and highly skilled education team, we provide unique interactive experiences using resources such as live animals, animal objects  and multimedia. You can choose to attend every workshop in the relevant age range or just a few that peak your interest.  

A group of children looking at our Asian elephants at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

How to book

Due to Covid19 restriction home education workshops have been postponed. To be notified when new dates and workshop topics are available please email Learning@zsl.org


  5 – 7 years old 8-11 years old 12 -16 years old
  11.00 am 12.30 2.00 pm

18 May 2020

Admission and workshop cost for 5-16 years: £9.50

Admission cost for adults: £13.25




African animals

30 minutes

Children will be taken on a tour around the meerkats, lions and zebras enclosures bringing to life the role camouflage plays in the survival of animals in the wild. Students will compare and contrast the different colours in the wild and how these colours aid predators and prey

Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify an animal that uses camouflage
  • Identify the relationship between colour and camouflage and predator/prey animals

Giraffe Behaviour study

45 minutes

Children will work scientifically to collect real data on our herd of giraffes. They will come face to face with our herd of giants to collect behavioural data using ethograms. They then use this data to create behaviour bar charts and to compare behaviours between different age groups in the herd. We will then discuss how this data could be used for the conservation of the species in the wild.

Intended learning outcomes:


  • Work scientifically to collect real-time behavioural data using ethograms;
  • Create bar charts to illustrate their results;
  • Use scientific language to explain their results;
  • Describe how research can impact the conservation of animals in the wild.

Enclosure design

50 minutes

Children will be introduced to the enclosure planning process while considering the perspectives of different stakeholders involved.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify who the important groups are when designing an enclosure and what the needs are of each group.
  • Explain how the 5 freedoms affect enclosure design

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Prices: TBC


35 minutes

Children delve into different habitats from around the world and are introduced to the animals that live there. Children will investigate specimens to decide what habitat the specimen would best suit.

Intended learning outcomes:

  • Gain an understanding that a habitat is a place where an animal lives
  • Organise different animals into their respective habitats
  • Students will be able describe different habitats
  • Students will understand that different animals are suited to different habitats

Endangered animals

45 minutes

Children will be introduced to endangered species and discover the threats facing these species in the wild.
Pupils will investigate real case studies of endangered species and learn about the conservation work that ZSL takes part in to protect different species and suggest a way in which people can help to protect endangered animals by completing simple actions.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • Give a definition of the term “endangered”.
  • Identify at least one endangered animal.
  • Describe at least one threat to wild animals.
  • Suggest an action that they can complete to save an endangered species.

Wildlife under threat 

50 minutes

Examine the underworld of wildlife crime as we use real Customs seizures to reveal the devastating impact of hunting on animal populations. Discover how ZSL is combating this and shining the light on this growing problem. After looking at the main threats to animals, we will focus on hunting and the illegal wildlife trade. Students will investigate an array of real objects that are loaned to us by HM Revenue and Customs, and will be encouraged to discuss some controversial statements about the illegal trade. After exploring their own opinions they will find out how these problems are tackled in real life by ZSL conservationists. N.B. Some students may find certain hunted objects shocking.

Intended learning outcomes:

  • Gain an understanding that hunting and the illegal wildlife trade are major threats to animals.
  • Identify some of the reasons why animals are hunted.
  • Gain an understanding that the reasons why people hunt animals are complex and varied, and that in order to conserve animals we need to understand these reasons.
  • Gain an understanding of the work of ZSL in tackling hunting and wildlife trade, and what actions they can take action to help

Many objects from the natural world used in these session are loaned to us by HM Revenue and Customs.

Please be aware that though we may use a live animal in some of these sessions, but we do not guarantee that they will be present – animals can fall ill or be unwilling to be handled and their welfare is ZSL’s first priority. 

  • The workshops are divided into age groups to give parents a guide to the level of language and detail we will be covering but if you feel a session in a different age bracket is more appropriate please for you child you may book it. 
  • Younger / older siblings are welcome to sit in on the workshops but for the benefit of all participants we request that they do not disrupt the workshop, or they may be asked to leave. 
  • Parents must remain with their children at all times during workshops.  
  • No food or drink is to be consumed in workshop rooms. 
  • Booking is required for every workshop your child wishes to participate in and workshops are charged from mid-February to August 31st. 
  • Payment must be made at the time of booking.
  • Full terms and conditions here
  • ZSL reserves the right cancel workshops if fewer than 5 people are booked onto a single workshop. ZSL will notify all participants with no less than 3 days’ notice. 
  • Maximum number of children participating in workshops are 15. We will be running a waiting list so should your desired workshop be full please email Learning@zsl.org to be added to our waiting list.