Red Panda

Red panda Nilo at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo


Red panda 

What they look like

Mainly red in colour, these furry creatures have distinctive white markings on their faces, as well as pointed white ears and a striped tale. Their underside is much darker than the rest of their body, almost black in colour. They have small eyes in comparison to the rest of their face and long white whiskers.

Animal facts 

  • They are most active at dawn and dusk.
  • The species use their fluffy tails as a blanket.

What they eat

Their diet mainly consists of bamboo, but they do also eat shoots, leaves and fruit.


Mountain forest and dense bamboo-thickets.

Where they live

Himalayan Mountains of Nepal, Myanmar, India and Bhutan and forests in western China.


The major threats posed to red pandas are habitat loss and fragmentation, habitat degradation and physical threats. As more of the human population moves to mountain regions in India, forests make way to farming land; fragmenting the species and removing its dietary staple, Himalayan bamboo.  

Increased poaching also poses a great threat to red pandas as demand continues to rise for its meat and fur. Demand is also thought be on the increase to keep red pandas as pets.



Conservation Status