Three tiny tigers try trick or treat

Three spritely tiger cubs and a group of playful ring-tailed lemurs got into the Halloween spirit on Tuesday 16 October, ahead of Boo at the Zoo, ZSL Whipsnade Zoo’s annual celebration of hairy-scary family fun.

Amur tiger cub with pumpkin

Keepers at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo carved huge pumpkins for each of the Zoo’s three endangered Amur tiger cubs, Dmitri, Makari and Czar, and brushed them with intriguing scents including blood and catnip. The inquisitive four-month-old cubs, along with their mum Naya and dad Botzman, used all their senses to investigate and play with their creepy prizes.

The Zoo’s spirited group of ring-tailed lemurs, so named after the ghosts of Roman mythology (lemures), also got in on the action. Keepers prepared a series of small pumpkins, filled with banana and other tasty treats, which were hung from ropes in their enclosure, forming a very spooky assault course. 

Lemur and pumpkin at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

As for the Zoo’s most Halloween appropriate creature, the vampire crabs (also known as ‘Geosesarma red devils’) were gifted some monstrously miniature pumpkins to munch on.

Team Leader Donovan Glyn said: “Our curious and playful tiger cubs love to investigate and explore new things, and they were delighted to discover the terrifying treats. Dmitri, Makari and Czar are big enough now that they are really starting to learn how to sniff out food and pounce on it, so these pumpkins didn’t stand much of a chance.

“At Boo at the Zoo, both the tiger cubs and our immersive lemur exhibit will be family favourites, and visitors will be able to discover the weird and wonderful creatures that live on our doorsteps at the brand new Super Natural Neighbours experience.”

Boo at the Zoo runs from Saturday 20 October to Wednesday 31 October 2018 at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. Normal entry charges apply. 

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