Leaping lemurs go for perfect 10

Lemurs enjoy assault course at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo’s troop of 10 ring-tailed lemurs were given a sneak preview of the Zoo’s summer Bear Grylls Wild Survival Academy experience, with their very own custom-built ‘assault course’.

Zookeepers at the UK’s largest Zoo devised a challenging course for the agile animals, which encouraged them to show off their very own wild survival skills.

Keepers hid a selection of the lemurs’ favourite snacks – including lettuce, tomatoes and sweetcorn – inside a tunnel made from jungle vine wood and willow canes, while additional treats were hung from a bamboo stick ‘balance beam’.

The incredibly sprightly lemurs set a first-class example for how an assault course should be tackled ahead of the Bear Grylls Wild Survival Academy at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo this summer.

The fun and interactive Academy will debut at Whipsnade from 29 July to 3 September and as well as a thrilling assault course, visitors will learn how to build shelters, tie life-saving knots and be able to take part in a wildlife ID quiz.

Zookeeper Jane Storr said: “Lemurs are very nimble-footed, which enables them to easily leap from branch to branch through forests, and powerful hind legs allow them to jump huge distances in one movement.

“Lemurs are naturally very inquisitive and as soon as the group worked out how to get to the food hidden in the tunnel and suspended from the ropes, it didn’t take them long to conquer the course.

“We’re sure any visitors heading to the Bear Grylls Wild Survival Academy at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo this summer will be able to take a few notes from our lemur troop on tackling nature’s assault course.”

With the Bear Grylls Wild Survival Academy included in your Zoo-ticket entry this summer, visitors are guaranteed a really great day out at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. 

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