Flappy Birthday

ZSL Whipsnade Zookeepers mark sea lion’s first birthday with a lockdown party – and you’re invited!

Zookeepers at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo are hosting a FB live birthday party for the colony of sealions, as part of the fundraising appeal to save the iconic zoo.

The sealions (and zookeeper Alex) have already helped to raise thousands for the conservation charity through live talks from the sealion pool, so keepers thought a live birthday party would be a great way to drum up support. 

As zoos up and down the country remain closed, while furniture stores, off-licenses and car showrooms open, the conservation charity behind Whipsnade is appealing to the public for support and donations.

Zookeepers at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo are throwing a party for sea lion Maui’s first birthday during lockdown - and you’re invited to join the celebrations as they’re broadcast live on the zoo’s Facebook page.

On Wednesday 10 June at 12pm, you and your whole family can celebrate with the Zoo’s sea lion colony and their keepers as they wish Maui a ‘Happy Birthday’ live on Facebook.

baby sealion on wooden deck

Sea lion keeper Alex Pinnell said; “Born to mum Lara and dad Dominic, Maui is a cheeky little sealion. He loves his daily training sessions – he’s all about the rewards!

“ZSL Whipsnade Zoo is currently not allowed to open to the public, and we know that our members, visitors and supporters are missing the Zoo as much as we’re missing them, so we want everyone to celebrate Maui’s first birthday with us.

Get your party hats ready because it’s time for a Zoo birthday party – all you need to do is head to our Facebook page!

During the Facebook Live Zookeepers will give the family of six a special fish cake and zookeeper Alex will introduce viewers to the colony of sea lions while they show off their incredible swimming skills - party attendees can also surprise loved ones who share Maui’s birthday by requesting a birthday shout out.

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo is asking its supporters for help to reopen its doors. The closure has hit the charity hard, with the lack of income putting not only the zoos, but the global conservation and science at risk. As well as asking the government for support, ZSL has a live public appeal at www.zsl.org/donate - every donation makes a difference.

Join Maui’s first birthday party live from Facebook

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