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Come face to face with the tallest mammal in the world at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo’s Giraffe platform! Our new custom built enclosure offers a high level viewing platform, allowing you to get closer than ever to these amazing creatures.

You may see our giraffes grazing in their paddock, or they could be chilling in their revamped barn. Their newly extended barn comes with its own nine foot viewing area, with Giraffe Heights able to hold up to 300 visitors at a time.

Giraffe heights at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo


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Are you ready for some tall tales about these tall individuals?

Giraffes at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

  • Giraffes have the same number of bones in the neck as we do – seven. Valves in neck prevent blood rushing to the head when they bend down to drink
  • Babies stand at about two metres at birth - their horns lie flat at birth and pop up several days later
  • Originally from Africa
  • Giraffes eat mainly acacia leaves but also shoots fruits and other vegetation
Baby giraffe at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

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Mum and son feeding the giraffes for Meet the Giraffes experience

Get up close and personal to one of the tallest mammals in the world with a special Meet the Animals experience.

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Hosted by an expert giraffe keeper, you'll get the chance to meet our tower of giraffes, learn all about the species and feed them a tasty snack!

This is a once in a lifetime experience and one you won't ever forget.

Your experience

  1. Meet and feed one of our beautiful giraffes
  2. Discover more about this fascinating species
  3. Opportunity to ask our expert keeper questions about the group
  4. Meet the Giraffes takes place daily at 12.15pm, May - October. The experience lasts approximately 20 minutes.
  5. Please be at the meeting point at 12.05pm, located by the ground floor indoor viewing area of the giraffe house.



Terms and conditions

  • General admission ticket or valid membership per person must be purchased to be allowed entry into the zoo and take part in the Meet the Giraffes experience.

  • Please listen to the keeper at all times. (Your safety as well as the welfare of all animals is their upmost priority. As such, the keeper can stop the encounter or ask participants to exit the VIP area at any time should they feel necessary.)

  • Appropriate closed toe footwear must be worn for the experience.

  • Maximum of 6 participants per experience. Children: must be at least 3 years old, at least 3-foot in height and be accompanied by an adult, no more than 2 children per adult. Each adult must also have a valid Meet the Giraffes ticket.

  • Disabilities: Participants with learning or visual impairment must be accompanied by a carer who takes full responsibility for the adherence of health and safety and welfare protocols. Accompanying carers can enter the VIP area free of charge but must not participate in the experience. Wheelchair access is available for this experience.

  • Pregnant/ nursing mothers who have given birth within the previous six months cannot participate for health and safety reasons.  

  • Cancellations: ZSL reserves the right to alter the experience or cancel on any given day if necessary. We will endeavour to contact you via email at least 24-hours before your visit to notify you of any changes. We recommend checking your emails on the day before your visit in case we have emailed you. If these changes result in you missing the encounter or you are no longer able to attend, please contact us to discuss options. Turning up late will invalidate your ticket and will not be refunded. Bookings cancelled up to 14 days before the date will be eligible for a full refund. Thereafter changes will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of ZSL.

Zookeepers have welcomed a new baby giraffe to their neck of the woods at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo after mum Savannah gave birth just in time for Mother's Day.

Giraffe baby nuru

Fourth-time mum Savannah kept zookeepers guessing for weeks after her expected due-date, finally giving birth to a female calf on Wednesday 24 February. Keepers named her Nuru, the Swahili word for light.

Nuru the baby giraffe already measures 5ft6in, and is a fluffy, miniature picture of her 16-foot tall mum.

Keeper Cassie Taylor said: "Savannah is a fantastic mum, so it was particularly lovely to have the calf arrive in time for Mother's Day.

"We were lucky enough to be there to observe the birth, and watched Nuru as mum Savannah gently helped her stand up and delicately cleaned her new arrival. 

"Savannah is attentive and protective, but also relaxed enough to let dad Bashu and the other members of the group play their roles in childcare too."

The baby giraffe was born at 9am and after less than an hour of wobbly attempts, soon figured out how to use her long legs to stand up to her full height. 

At just eight days old, Nuru has already been spotted exploring her surroundings and interacting with other members of the herd, showing similar personality traits to her bold and inquisitive parents. 

Keeper Cassie Taylor continued: "Calves don't usually wean from their mother's milk until they are a few months old but Nuru is already showing an interest in leaves, and at one point dunked her whole head in the water bowl! She’s a really wonderful addition to the group and will make a great playmate for 18 month old Luna and two year old Willow."

The new calf is part of the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP), which helps ensure the survival of endangered species in Zoos across Europe.

Book a visit now to see Nuru and the rest of the giraffe herd, as well as ZSL Whipsnade Zoo’s other 2,500 animals.

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