Eurasian lynx

Scientific name 
Lynx lynx
Eurasian lynx at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo


Eurasian lynx   

Latin name

Lynx lynx

What they look like

The Eurasian lynx is the largest species of lynx, with its most distinctive features being its pointed ears and large webbed paws which help it walk across the snow. They are golden brown in colour and have black spots on their back, while their underside is completely white. Another notable feature is the white ruff of fur around their jaw line.

Animal facts

  • One of the widest ranging cat species in the world.
  • They use thick vegetation to remain out of sight while they stalk their prey.
  • Their paws are webbed to help them walk across snow.

What they eat

They feed on a range of mammals and birds, from rodents and squirrels, to wild boar and deer.


Mountain forests

Where they live

The Eurasian lynx is native to Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, East Asia, Siberia and Scandinavia. 


Habitat loss and conflicts with hunters.

Conservation Status
Least Concern