Outdoor Education Sessions

Explore the Zoo with our award winning Discovery & Learning team and immerse students in the animal kingdom. This range of outdoor sessions, are the perfect accompaniment to a visit to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. These fantastic hands-on sessions take place out and about in the Zoo! Explore topics such as camouflage, habitats and adaptations, and conservation with our dedicated team while getting face-to-face with some of our wild and wonderful animals.

A pair of giraffe at ZSL London Zoo

Early Years Foundation Stage

Fairytales Tour - Visit animal enclosures with our Discovery and Learning officer to try to spot real animals from familiar fairy tales and join in with storytelling

Lifecycles - Immerse students in the butterfly lifecycle in our Butterfly House. Explore and discover the different stages with real life examples.  

Key Stage 1

KS1 African Animals Tour - Embark on a tour around the meerkat, lions and zebra enclosures, which will bring to life the role camouflage plays in the survival of animals in the wild

KS1 Minibeast Explorers - Work scientifically to collect real data on native species found in our specially designed wildlife habitat

KS1 Interactive Adaptation trail - As you make your way around the zoo, pause at a few animal enclosures to particiate in some short interactive activities run just for your class.

Key Stage 2

KS2 Giraffe Behaviour Study - Work scientifically to collect real data on our herd of giraffes using ethograms

KS2 Conserving Tiger Food Chains - Learn the techniques used by ZSL scientists to track animals in the wild

KS2 Minibeast Investigate - Take part in engaging activities that develops understanding of food chains, use of scientific keys and collecting data skills.

KS2 Interactive Adaptation Trail - As you make your way around the zoo, pause at a few animal enclosures to particiate in some short interactive activities run just for your class.


KS3/4 Giraffe Behaviour Study - Collect behavioural data on our herd of Giraffes and use this data to create behaviour bar charts and to compare behaviours between different age groups in the herd

KS3 Enclosure design students will get hands – on approach to creating a new space for an animal. Students will be brought through the planning process and be able to look at the enclosures from the perspectives of different stakeholders involved.

KS4 Animal Behaviour and Learning / Post 16 Animal Behaviour - Chimpanzee Case Study - take part in a real behaviour study, students will collect and analyse behavioural data on our chimpanzees. Students discover how complex chimpanzees are as a species from their social structure to how they communicate. 

Post 16 Field Study Skills - students will have the fantastic opportunity to learn practical skills on the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo’s very own Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).  Home to rare plants species, students will demonstrate both random and systematic sampling techniques.