Deadly Explorer Trail

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The Deadly Explorer Trail runs 18 Jul - 27 Sep 2015

Want to learn how to be a deadly explorer like Steve Backshall? Then step into our new deadly explorer trail and learn all the skills you’ll need to start your own deadly expedition.

Your adventure will start in the Deadly HQ, where you’ll pick up your log book. Inside this log book you’ll find all you’ll need to become a deadly explorer, including a map to our deadly stations and activities to complete across the site.

There are four stations across the zoo and each presents a unique challenge to young explorers. Once you’ve found and beaten each deadly station, you can head back to the HQ to receive a unique code that earns you your own Deadly Explorer Trail certificate, which you can print out on this page.

Remember, keep your eyes and ear open at all times, that’s Steve’s big tip for being a top notch explorer, and most of all, have fun! 

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Do I have to pay extra for the Deadly Explorer Trail?
No, anyone who has bought a valid zoo admission ticket or holds valid ZSL membership can complete the trail.

How long will it take to complete the trail?
We would recommend you allow at least a couple of hours to complete the trail as some activities may be busy at certain times of day.

What time is the Trail open?
The trail opens at 10am, you will need to return to Deadly HQ by 4pm.

Will Steve be there?
Steve Backshall will not be taking part in the Deadly Explorer Trail


Congratulations on successfully completing the Deadly Explorer Trail at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo!

You can now download and print your very own certificate to show your friends and family that you’ve become a Deadly Explorer just like Steve Backshall! Simply enter the special Deadly password from the stamp on the front of your log book along with your name to get your very own Deadly certificate!