ZSL London Zoo - Outer Circle

In March 2016, ZSL London Zoo submitted an opposition to Transport for London’s proposed Cycle Superhighway 11, due to the planned closure of Macclesfield Gate. 

The proposal means the Gate will only be open between 11:00am and 3:00pm - which will place significant restrictions on ZSL’s visitors, who have no option but to travel by car.  

While we have absolutely no objection to the concept of the Cycle Superhighway, we had to take this stance because of the lack of information shared by TfL. 

Without insight into the exact plans of TfL, we have been unable to ascertain the wider implications this will have on traffic elsewhere around the Outer Circle. We have invited TfL to consult with us on assessing the impacts and exploring measures that could be taken to mitigate them. 

 As an international conservation charity, we encourage use of transport options that reduce our environmental impact, many of our visitors already use public transport, or indeed cycle, and we have two Santander Cycle stations at ZSL London Zoo. 

We are supportive of all schemes that will lead to environmental and safety improvements for our visitors and neighbours, and simply want to make sure these don’t come at any expense to our charitable activities.