Key Stage 4

Penguins at ZSL London Zoo

These hands-on workshops, designed for 14-16 year-olds, include engaging activities and case studies to help students understand the real-world applications of their Geography and Science lessons, including how science is used in context to protect endangered species, and the different careers and roles involved.

All our workshops have links to specific GCSE Exam Board Syllabi (details in the workshop descriptions).

Our workshops are suitable for students with SEND. If your students have particular or profound learning needs or disabilities, please discuss this with us as part of your booking and we can look at the best options for your group.

Workshops are £45 each (per class of up to 35 students) and last 45-60 minutes.

NASA blue marble Earth map February, blue marble next generation w/ topography and bathymetry

In Climate Change & Animals, students will...

Wildlife Under Threat education session

Delve into the shady world of wildlife crime as we use real Customs seizures...

Bhanu the Asiatic lion at ZSL London Zoo

Zoos and Conservation helps students to understand how zoos work to conserve...

A ZSL scientist speaks to students via Skype

Join ZSL online and give your students the opportunity to meet a ZSL...

Highlighting ZSL’s research and conservation work
Tales from the field with our scientists and conservationists
Keeper Jessica with a Humboldt penguin at ZSL London Zoo

In our Animal Careers workshop, students will learn about the wide range of...