I like to move it - education session

Designed for 4-5 year olds, these hands-on and engaging activities will inspire your young learners about the fascinating world around them, and the animals we share our planet with.

Each links to the Early Learning Goals in the Statutory Framework for EYFS using the Development Matters guidance. Specific links are highlighted in the workshop descriptions

Our workshops are suitable for students with SEND. If your students have particular or profound learning needs or disabilities, please discuss this with us as part of your booking and we can look at the best options for your group.

Workshops are £45 each (per class of up to 35 students) and last approximately 30 minutes.

A close-up of Galapagos Tortoise at ZSL London Zoo

In Hands-on, pupils will explore animal groups by investigating real animal...

A group of giraffe at ZSL London Zoo

Children build a lively story with actions, answers and songs