White-faced Scops Owl

White faced scops owl at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Latin name: Ptilopsis leucotis

What they look like: Their faces are characterised by two “ear” tufts with black tips and large orange eyes. Their faces are white with a black boarder, while their general plumage is grey with dark streaks and white spots.

Animal facts: 

  • Most prey is swallowed whole and the indigestible bits, such as bones, feathers and fur, are regurgitated as pellets.
  • Their nests may be built in old nests of other birds, in a treehole or even on the ground.

What they eat: Insects, small mammals and birds.

Habitat: Woodland savannah, scrub and bush.

Where they live: Africa, south of the Sahara.

Threats: Habitat loss.

Conservation Status
Least Concern