Superhero Academy at London Zoo

21 Jul - 2 Sep 2018

Plastico and his evil accomplices are at large and threatening the world’s wildlife. Enrol in our Superhero Academy to learn amazing animal powers and use them to help unravel the environmental super-villains’ dastardly plans.

Pick up speed as you run like a cheetah, defy gravity as you climb like a gecko and lift fifty times your own body weight like a leafcutter ant! Once you’ve gained your powers and graduated, escape Plastico’s lair and navigate your way through the maze to join forces with Captain Z.

It’s time to don your cape, grab your mask and join the fight against some of the biggest threats facing wildlife!

Get everything you need for the whole day at a super value price with our fantastic Super Ticket! This includes: 

  • Entry to ZSL London Zoo 
  • 10% off in our shops
  • A meal voucher (£12 for adults / £8 for kids)
  • A ride on our classic carousel 
  • A refreshing cold drink

Superhero Academy is part of ZSL’s 2018 Superhero Takeover, a year-long celebration of incredible wildlife and the ZSL superheroes working to protect animals around the world.

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