New exhibit opening summer 2021!

24 Jul 2021

Don’t miss Giants of the Galápagos.

This summer our three Galápagos giant tortoises are moving to a brand-new home right in the heart of the zoo.
Step inside to enjoy the balmy climate of the Galápagos Archipelago and discover these magnificent reptiles who can live for over a century. Imagine how the world might change in their lifetime and discover how we can protect them – and our planet – for the years to come.

The climate-controlled exhibit – to be built right next to the zoo’s central courtyard – is the perfect new home for tortoises Polly, Dolly and Priscilla, complete with watery pools and mud wallow, and will offer visitors unobstructed views of these gentle giants.

One floor, dome-roofed, brown building with two entrances, surrounded by trees

Summer holiday fun
During the summer holidays (24 July - 31 August) this brand-new exhibit will be part of an incredible summer adventure for all the family: we’re inviting you to travel the world without leaving London in a celebration of the world’s wildlife and cultures, including this glimpse of the Galapagos.

Find out more about our summer holiday plans here.

Giants of the Galápagos is included in your Zoo entry ticket.

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