Mountain Chicken Frog Day

Join us at ZSL London Zoo as we host a special weekend of activities to mark mountain chicken frog day which takes place annually on 13 September.

Critically Endangered in the wild, there are fewer than 100 wild individuals on their native island of Dominica and only two on Montserrat.

Together with ZSL's amphibian keepers, we will be running arts activities for the whole family, raising awareness of the critically endangered mountain chicken frog and ZSL's conservation work with this amazing species.

They'll be plenty of mountain chicken frog art activities to take part in, including: 

  • Adding your hand print to a mountain chicken frog sculpture
  • Fun colouring sheets
  • Badge making
  • Word searches
  • Spot the mountain chicken frog activity 

ZSL's conservation work with the species

Since the onset of an epidemic of chytridiomycosis on Dominica in 2002 and on Montserrat in 2009, the mountain chicken population declined by over 90%. This species is now Critically Endangered according to the IUCN Red List. The reality is that there are fewer than 100 wild individuals on Dominica and only two on Montserrat, that we know of despite field research over many years.

ZSL and partners are working on both in-situ conservation efforts and ex-situ captive breeding, with the hope of bringing this species back from the brink of extinction.

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