British Sign Language Days

2nd Wednesday of the Month, talks throughout the day

On BSL days, there will be a schedule over the whole day of pop-up BSL presentations about the different animals at London Zoo which will take place right by the animals themselves.

The presentations are delivered by deaf presenter John Wilson, and will help you learn more about the animals at London Zoo and ZSL’s global conservation work. The presentation schedule will change each month, the schedule on the day will be available at the large Maps found around the Zoo.

man giving sign language talk at London Zoo

There will be an opportunity to meet John at 11.15am in at the large map at Barclay Court, near the Terrace Restaurant and gift shop, at 11.15am to ask any questions before the first pop up talk at 11.30am.

As this is not a tour, deaf visitors can arrive whenever they choose, and join whichever presentations they choose throughout the day. There is no need to book as these are open presentations, but tickets will be needed to access the Zoo which can be bought online. For more information, please email  

2021 Dates: 13th October, 10th November, 8th December.